WD10AV2 – Monitor piso Activo 10″ 600w 2 vias coaxial


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Caja Acustica Activa 10″ 600w Monitor piso 2 vias coaxial


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Caja Acustica Activa PROEL 10″ 600w Monitor piso 2 vias coax

System type 2-way coaxial vented stage monitor
Low Frequency Device 10” woofer with 2″VC
High Frequency Device 1” compression driver with 1″VC
Angular Coverage 80°
Frequency response 60 Hz – 20 kHz
Max SPL at 1mt (peak) 123 dB
Amplifier Continuous Power HF: 50 W CLASS AB, LF: 200W CLASS D with SMPS
Input Impedance 30 kohm balanced, 15 kohm unbalanced
Input Sensitivity 0 dBu
Controls LEVEL, PRESET selector (MONITOR, FOH), GND lift
Power Supply 230 VAC or 120 VAC – 50/60 Hz
Maximum Consumption 315 W
Rated Consumption* 165 W
Construction Plywood with black anti-scratch polyurethane paint
Pole Adapter 1 x side
Handles 2 x sides
Monitor taper 36°
Weight 12 kg (26,4 lb)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 490x265x375 mm
* Rated consumption is measured with pink noise with a crest factor of 12 dB, this can be considered a standard music program.
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